Catch a vegetarian piraña along the banks of the pristine Savegre River with a fly rod...


The Savegre River is one of the cleanest rivers in Central America. The upper Saverge is already well known for its trout fishing. Rafiki wants to give our guests a chance to see some of the tropical species closer to the ocean. Fly fishing these waters brings an extra level of creativity to the sport. Flower patterns, giant insects and even tropical nuts are a part of the quiver of flies Carlo carries. With over 8 species of fresh water fish and a few salt water species swimming around, you never know what might be on the other side of the line.

Rafiki offers 2 full day fishing trips. For the stretch of river near the lodge, we use a 13' foot whitewater raft with an oar frame. This boat easily navigates the whitewater and gets fisherman into the deep pools of slower moving water. These waters are prime territory for machacas. The fish are in the piranha family. They fight hard and are clever. Sometime the best way to catch them is to get them mad!

The second trip takes you closer to the ocean. The journey uses a RO drift boat with an oar frame and electric motor. The focus on this trip the estuary of the Savegre. Snook, Red snapper and rooster fish are the targets. Depending on the river conditions, the trip may also explore the Portalon river. A small sliver of water connects the 2 rivers. Mangrove forests envelope the boat as monkeys and sloths hang out above the vessel. Even those not that keen on fishing will love the scenery of this trip.


Carlo Boshoff has loved fishing since he could hold a fishing pole. His passion started on the Indian Ocean and the inland lakes of South Africa. His hobby stayed with him growing up in the hills of South Dakota, there he learned about fly fishing. Once hooked, he naturally made his way to the mountains of Montana to refine his skills. In 1999, with the lodge here in Costa Rica being just a few drawings on a piece of paper, Carlo once again started exploring a new enivironment to fish in. From the small streams next to the lodge, to the huge Pacific Ocean with countless gems waiting for the right bait. Although he learned quite a bit in those first years at the lodge, he had a life change in 2005 and returned to Montana leaving many secrets still undiscovered. After spending 6 years as a guide on the Bighorn River, Carlo became a master not only of fly fishing, but also the art of guiding other people into getting fish. In 2012 Carlo and his wife were ready to return to Costa Rica to take over management of Rafiki Safari Lodge. Carlo came back with the same passion for fishing as always, but now he has all sorts of great fishing adventures and all sorts of different fish to catch!