Catch a vegetarian piraña along the banks of the pristine Savegre River with a fly rod or a see what you can pull out with a standard reel...

The Savegre River is one of the cleanest rivers in Central America. The upper Saverge is already well known for its trout fishing. Rafiki wants to give our guests a chance to see some of the tropical species closer to the ocean. Fly fishing these waters brings an extra level of creativity to the sport. Flower patterns, giant insects and even tropical nuts are a part of the quiver of flies  the guises carry. With over 8 species of fresh water fish and a few salt water species swimming around, you never know what might be on the other side of the line.

Rafiki offers a full day fishing trip. The stretch of river starts near the lodge, we use a 13' foot whitewater raft with an oar frame. This boat easily navigates the whitewater and gets fisherman into the deep pools of slower moving water. These waters are prime territory for machacas. The fish are in the piranha family. They fight hard and are clever. Sometime the best way to catch them is to get them mad!

Contact us for current conditions and to set up a trip.