A traditional Costa Rican "Rancho" with an African twist

The Starting point of Adventure

 You will feel the weight of the world slip off of your shoulders upon setting your first foot step on the tiled floor of the lodge. This magnificent structure provides a perfect panorama of the Savegre Valley. The lodge magnifies the energy of the  tropical forest and your senses will be overwhelmed with captivating landscapes and wildlife. 

The lodge serves as the base camp. Here you will find reception, gift store, bar, restaurant, and most important, your morning coffee! Relax in a rocking chair or find something interesting in the Library. Take a siesta in a hammock or play board games with your family. We find that our guests spend quite a bit of time here. Maybe because it has the best view, or maybe that at least one member of your party is going down the slide or sitting in the hot tub. The lodge is perched on the edge of a plateau of offering great birding. We have a feeder in the reception area and the lake is perfectly framed for water birds. This is also the best place to catch the sunset and hear some original african beats.

The main lodge of Rafiki was inspired by local indigenous design. The steep pitch pulls hot air up, creating a delightful breeze on even the sunniest days. The thatch on the lodge is a palm found only in the forest. Each "Suita" leaf is harvested one be one and folded over to make a unique waterproof shelter. The 6 inch thick thatch creates wonderful insulation and magically dampens the sound of rain while keep the dining and bar area dry.