The experience of camping without having to "rough it!"

Camping in style...Luxury Safari Tents

Our tents brings the romance of camping in the wilderness together with the conveniences of a modern hotel room. You will be lulled to sleep by the sounds and smells of the forest, while enjoying a good night's rest after a long day of adventure.

We imported our luxury  safari tents directly from South Africa, where the idea of luxury camping began. They are specially designed to withstand the elements of the wilderness to keep you safe, dry and comfortable. Each tent is set atop a hardwood platform with its own unique perspective into the forest.

The tents feature huge porches with rocking chairs and a coffee table. Each room has two single beds and one double bed as well as fans and electricity produced by our own hydro-electric generator. The bathrooms are massive, tiled, and have all of the amenities you would hope to find in the jungle.

Most of the tents are pretty similar, but we do try to give all them a different perspective.There are a few that are a bit "special".

Number 1 and 2 are the lakeview tents, they look over the lake and valley below offering the best view of the sunset and the lower valley. They also have the best access to the main lodge.

Number 3 sleeps 5 people due to a bunk bed. This tent is great for small kids because the balcony is close to the ground and there is a small lawn out front. It is also pretty close to the main lodge.

We have recently added a few more bunk beds to accommodate families of 5. Please note that having 5 adults in one tent is not an ideal situation. You can fit, but it will be squishy when you add everyone's stuff.

We find that guests spend most their time in and around the main lodge or out on tour. The tents are your resting space, there are so many things to see while at Rafiki making the view of your particular tent less important, by the time you finally sit on your own porch, you will most certainly enjoy serenity your surroundings. I would not worry too much about which tent to choose, they are all in the middle of nowhere!