Launch on the river, float through mangroves, and land on the beach!

Our kayak trip explores the remote wilderness of the Savegre River estuary and its mangrove forest. Amazing shore birds, monkey encounters, sloth sightings and breath taking scenery make this trip a once in a life time experience. The river and tides do most of the work, so you can relax as you glide along in one of our swift sea kayaks. 


What you will need...

Tour Details


Sun Hat


Long sleeve shirt

This tour is tide dependent. It leaves once a day approximately 3 hours before the high tide. Each trip must be coordinated with our reservation office. Departure times range from 5:00am to 2:00pm.

From the main lodge it is only possible on date of arrival or departure. This tour is included in the Super Lekker Safari, but this trip does not qualify as part of the Safarito or the Rafiki Safari Packages. If you are interested in kayaking, please contact us to see how we can accommodate your party. 

From the river to the sea

The trip starts on the Savegre River. You will have an instructional briefing and get comfortable before launching into flat waters. The river takes you down 3 kilometers to where the river meets the pacific ocean. This stretch of the river is home to flocks of shore birds especially in the months of December through April. The vistas of tall mountains provide an incredible backdrop as the current lazily takes you along. 

Snack in the Park

Once in the estuary, you will stop in the National Park of "Playa El Rey" This beach extension of Manuel Antonio is a 15 kilometer wilderness. You ay see whales in sea, or perhaps turtle nests, or a crocodile sunning itself on the banks of the river. You will have a snack and learn about the mangrove systems that dominate the coastal shoreline.

Into the Mangrove

The Savegre river connects to the Portalon River through a magnificent mangrove forest. Timing the tides just right allow us to sneak through the impenetrable lattice of roots.  These rare forests are able to reach up to 300 hundred years old. You will witness the various stages and at one point you will literally be in a tunnel of interconectted vines and branches.

Smooth sailing to the finish 

The mangrove will lead you to the Portalon River and its associated Private Refuge. The entire river is lined with mangrove trees.The wide open channel makes the last bit relaxing. Your river journey will end, but a 3 kilometer safari will be the last part of the journey.