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Super Lekker July '06

Rafiki Thanks to Jackie and Ken for making it all possible !
We got an early start and by 8:00 we were all mounted up. It takes a bit to get all of the rafts, equipment and food on the horses, but Memo, and his son Nicholas (mini Memo) have done this enough to know the ropes.
The experienced riders made their way through the rainforest to complete the first and hardest part of the Super Lekker, but the reward on top was well worth it! Fresh mangos, anyone?
After a break to see the views and feel the freeze come up the mountains, we set of on stage 2. Jackie, Ken, and myself decided to give the horses a break and hike to the summit. Amongst the the giant trees, I taught them a little about the flora and fauna in the forest as we made our way up. The mist just set in as we caught up to the horses.
Along the trail, we passed only a few local residents, every time we pass they wave, but you help but imagine what they are thinking. "Crazy Africans"! is usually all I can come up with.
The last part of the horseback ride is where the excitement starts to build, we get to see the river for the first time, scope the rapids, and check the water level. Usually the guides start to yelp a bit, but that's normal in these parts. This video captures the feeling of what it is like riding through the forest as we approach the river.
As we arrived in the small town of El Brujo, Memo checked his watch to see how we had done, 3 hours and 6 minutes, not bad! Randol and Mechas scurried to get the equipment tranferred from the horses to the truck, as I prepped the lunch from Rafiki's kitchen. Ken and Jackie took a dip in the river "I can't believe how warm the water is"! I heard about 10 times. It was so nice, they ate in the river!

The taxi ride to the put in took about 30 minutes. At this point, Randol and I who have run this section together so many times before start getting the butterflies as we see the waves below, our energy was contagious as Ken and Jackie seem pretty happy in this photo!


We finally made it to the river! Leo, from H20 adventures joined our trip, there is safety in numbers, and it is always fun to see how each guide makes it down "Rolo's 3" ,the first 3 miles of class IV, named after one of the greatest guides of our time , Rolando Cervilla. Before the action, we had a chat about safety AKA "the scary talk".

Whenever we raft this part there is always a crowd of locals. They look on wearily in either awe or in fear. Nonetheless, they cheer us on as we make our way down the first rapids of the Rio Division, one of two tributaries of the "Mighty" Savegre River.
Ken and Jackie were quick to learn, and all smiles. They got their rhythm figured out, but Ken, please hang on to that T-grip!
The views on the upper section of this trip are breath-taking. Looking up river it seems impossible to navigate, looking down is pure pleasure, and all around the trees tower showing all the majesty Costa Rica has to offer.
The rapids are non-stop through Rolo's 3. There is not a great deal of water, but the run is very technical, and sometimes the guides sound like aucioneers, barking out commands in order to navigate through the whitewater, This video shows a bit, although, I have to say it does not do much juctice.

Click to see quicktime movie

There are quite a few "play spots" along the way, and having people that are out for adevnture, we made sure everyone got to taste the fresh mountain water!
After the confluence of the two rivers, we get a chance to relax, fill up with some spring water and enjoy all the big rapids the lower section has to offer. This part is not nearly as demanding, and we all got a chance to reflect on the day's adventure.

In the end we floated back to the lodge, had a toast on the porch, went down the slide, and all went to find their hot water showers. Dinner was served early and as usual after a super Lekker, all went to bed rather early! ... The end

I hope you enjoyed the tale, stay tuned for the next adventure, perhaps it will be yours! Lautjie

Players from left to right Ken, Jackie, Mechas(guide) Nicholas, Memo (horse guide) Randol (guide) Mauren (office manager)




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