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Rafiki is a family owned lodge. The Boshoff family started the project in 1999 in hopes of using tourism to build a wildlife refuge and Tapir re-introduction program. The first stage of the project, the lodge and cabins, was completed in December of 2002.

Currently the lodge sees travelers from all over the world. Their contributions have helped us develope the nessecary contacts and cultural understanding to undertake the second stage of Rafiki. Stage 2 of Rafiki is to build a fence around about 60 acres of forest, construct a Veterinary facility, and begin the process of attaining and transporting tapirs. The animals will come from captive environments, but will hopefully one day roam free through the Savegre Valley. Currently there is a corridor designated for tapir, El Paso de la Danta, which passes through Rafiki's property. This means that Rafiki is not an ecological island, making our released animals very important to the genetic diversity of the tapirs of Costa Rica.
  The philosophy of Rafiki's project is South African in origin. Essentially, through the use of tourism as a means to generate capital, animals can be given a second chance where local hunting pressures and loss of habitat have decimated their populations. The tourism that enters the area generates employment opportunity in both the project itself, and also in expanding local economy. Rafiki is highly involved in the local community and will be providing scholarships to aspiring student who choose to pursue careers in eco-tourism, biology, veterinary sciences, or any such related fields. With the help of the travelers that visit Rafiki, we are setting an example to other projects in Costa Rica and around the world, showing that sustainible tourism is a viable means to protect and restore the ecology of a given location. If you have any questions about our wildlife refuge or Tapir re-introduction program, please write to Lautjie Boshoff, our resident Biologist.To contact Lautjie , please write to:

Lautjie Boshoff

Rafiki Workers

A word from the owners

    We left South Africa in 1987 and became United States citizens in 1992. We always missed the wilderness and fell in love with Costa Rica's natural beauty, wonderful climate, and peaceful political situation. In 1999 we acquired the spectacular property in the pristine rain forest and Rafiki (friend in Swahili) was born.
    The following year construction began, requiring hard work, creativity, love, and patience by all. Now that the first stage of the project is completed, we would like to thank our children, friends, and hard working Ticos for all of their efforts and support.
We look forward to the tapirs coming!

We would love to share our special place with you!
Constant and Ralene Boshoff


Biologists Carlo and Janel Boshoff,project managers,with their son Tiaan, welcome you to Rafiki. They spent 5 years running a fishing Lodge in Montana, learning about cuisine, business, and of course fishing. If you have any interest in fishing Carlo might be your best friend!

Biologist Lautjie Boshoff and his wife Mauren are still with the project. Lautjie is still leading tours, and Mauren currently manages the new Rafiki Beach Camp, just 45 minutes away!



All Photography By Lautjie Boshoff
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