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Costa Rica is located in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama. The government is politically very stable and has a high regard for the country's tourism industry. The locals are refferred to as Ticos and are always willing to share a smile.


Travel to Costa Rica from the United States takes approximately 4 hours by airplane. USA passports do not need a visa and are allowed to visit for 90 days. Other countries may have restrictions. For a listing of Visa requirements, please see the Costa Rican National Chamber of Tourism website.


Having lifted my share of heavy luggage to people's tents, I can tell you that people bring WAY too much baggage to the tropics.

The weather is pleasant, so spare yourself the back pain of bringing dress shoes, coats, hair dryers, more than one pair of pants, and more than one long sleeve shirt. San Jose can get a bit chilly but besides that you will not even look at warm clothes. These are the important things that we recommend that you Do bring to Rafiki.
-Rafting Sandals (Keens seem to work well for general footwear )
(We have some, but extras are quite handy)
-Bug Spray (I personally hate it, but it always nice to have)
-Sunscreen (the tropical sun is very good at roasting pelts)

-Croakies for your Sunnies (We do sell them in the gift store)
-U joint for a Ford F-350 (just joking)


There are several ways to get to Rafiki. Quepos is the nearest City. From Quepos we can arrange transportation (via taxi) or you can drive in alone(4X4 is recommended, but not neccesary). Although it is only about 160 km from San Jose, getting to Quepos can take from 25 minutes to over 4 hours depending on the mode of transportation. Here ia a basic map and some travel options.Costa Rica Map

Mode of transport
Estimated travel time
Sansa Airlines

$75-$90 per person
One way

25 min

Flying from San Jose to Quepos is a wonderful way to see Costa Rica.There are several flights a day, but the afternoon flight is sometimes cancelled in the rainy season. Flights leave from the international airport. Check for flight reservations

Nature Air


$85 per person one way 30 min This is a nice option if you are staying in San Jose, since the international Airport is about 25 minutes from down town. Nature Air flies out of Pavas which is near down town San Jose. Check for flight reservations
Private Shuttle Bus
$200 to Rafiki 3 hours A Private shuttle bus will pick you up from your hotel in San Jose or the airport and drop you off at the lodge. This is the most convienient way to get to Rafiki!
Adobe Car Rental   4 hours to the lodge! A rental car gives you the most freedom, and is reccomended if you plan on traveling thoughout the country. The only downside is the you have to negociate the roads by yourself! $9 a day for a GPS is worth it!
$10 3 to 4 hours The bus leaves from San Jose about six times a day. We highly recommend that you get a Directo bus and NOT a Collectivo. Otherwise you will be making lots of stops, and the trip will take quite a while. If you are not in hurry, the bus can be an interesting experience.



If we don't have a room for you at Rafiki, check to see if we have space at our new beach camp. It is only 45 minutes from Rafiki. The place is called the Rafiki Beach Camp, From the Beach camp you can access Rafiki's tours with day tours. Write us to find out more!

If you have to stay in San Jose for the night, there is a great B&B in Escazu(suburb of San Jose) called the Costa Verde Inn (20 minutes from the Airport). They will pick you up from the airport, provide you with comfortable accomodation and serve you a full breakfast in a wonderful tropical setting. If you stay here, and want to fly to or from Quepos, make sure to book your local flight with Nature Air, it is much closer! For the 2011-2012 season, it costs $100 with transportation to the hotel included!(check their site for details)

Please contact us by e-mail at for more information. We will gladly do everything we can to make your trip go smoothly.


    The country's climate is usually very pleasant with average temperatures ranging from 25° to 32° C (80° to 90° F) on the coastal regions and 13° to 25° C (55° to 80° F) in the high mountains and San Jose.
    On the Pacific slope, the months of December through April are dry. This is the peak tourism time of year due to the perfect sunny days. From May to November, afternoon rains become more prevalent with October and November being quite rainy. While this time of year is wetter than the rest, it also brings cheaper travel fares, availility at lodge, better wildlife viewing, and for those interested in rafting, the river is at its prime!

(All of the following are within a 2 hour drive of Rafiki Safari Lodge)

   Matapalo Beach
 There are many secluded beaches in the area, with Matapalo being the most hospitable. This beach has several small hotels and restaurants, and is home to some of the most beautiful sunsets on the planet! Rafiki Beach camp is Rafiki's new camp on the beach. It offers four safari tents on the beach with a swimming pool and a laid back atmosphere. Getting there by sea kayak is the an unforgetttable experienc! See the new website at for further information.

Manuel Antonio
The Quepos/ Manuel Antonio area, is one of the most visited places in Costa Rica. Mauel Antonio National Park offers great wildlife on pristine beaches. While in Quepos you can choose from a variety of tourist attractions ranging from deep sea fishing to visiting Manuel Antonio National Park. The area also features zipline (canopy) tours, snorkeling trips, and hosts some of the areas best night life opportunities.

    Contact us at for specific information and pricing. We would gladly get you information on any other aspect of the country that you might be interested in. Please feel free to ask!

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