Raft down the cleanest river in Central America!

The Savegre River offers a world class experience with exciting class II-III rapids. The  stretch of whitewater in front of the lodge is great for families and friends year round. You will visit a beautiful waterfall along the way, and see incredible vistas of the tropical forest surrounding the lodge.

Who can go?

Savegre River Statistics

White water rafting is a great family activity but it does have inherit risks.  Guests that want to participate should be comfortable in water and be in good physical condition. Kids 6 and up can participate in rafting tours with certain exceptions depending on water levels.

Level:    Class II-III   

River Temps:  77-81 ℉ahrenheit, 25-27 ℃elsius

Characteristics:   Short rapids with big pools. Rounds rocks with no undercuts, unpolluted water.

Water levels: High water typically from late April through November. Low water from December to April. Tours are possible all year long.

Rafting shoes

Tevas, Keens, watershoes etc.

long sleeve shirt

Synthetic fabrics keep the sun off and dry off quickly


waterproof is the best!

All aboard!

The rafting trip starts at the main lodge. We start the trip with a natural history hike to the river. Although it is only 900 meters from the lodge to the river, the guides will teach you all about the flora and fauna of the area.

Safety first 

Rafiki's guides are licensed by the Costa Rican Tourism association. In order to get licenses, guides have to go through rigorous set of courses including, first aide, CPR and Swift Water Rescue. We are proud to use and train guides from the local community.  Our staff has over 15 years experience and know the river like the back of their hands!


Before embarking not he trip, you will be given helmets, lifejackets and paddles. You will then get a safety talk and learn the commands necessary so you and your team can navigate the river.

First Splashes

Right from the start , the Savegre will get you wet. Boca Diablo, the roller coaster and the washing machine are the first rapids. Not only will the adrenaline be pumping, you will also enjoy amazing rainforest scenery along the way.

Soak it all in... The waterfall of Quebrada Arroyo

After the initial rush, you will arrive to Quebrada Arroyo. You will take a short hike to see an amazing spring fed waterfall. You will get to swim, face paint with clay,  have your family portrait taken, or simply sit in awe under the thundering falls. We will serve you a snack to keep energy levels at their maximum!

Float to finish... enjoy the scenery

After the waterfall, there are still plenty of nice rapids, gradually the valley widens and beautiful panoramas unfold. The current slows down allowing for some truly world class lazy river time. You will be able to jump in and float down the current in between the rapids. Eventually you will end up at the take out where 4x4 safari trucks will take you back up the lodge for a hot lunch... Your arms might be tired, but don't worry Yerlin would happy to give you a massage when you get back to the lodge.

*there are some wilder sections of the Savegre up stream from the lodge. If you are interested in chewing off a little more than the standard class III run, email us for more information.

4x4 Safari truck

readyReady for adventure

rafting near Manuel AntonioRafting through primary forests

waWaterfall stop