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We strive to have one of the most unique  white water rafting experiences in the Quepos area. Rafiki is the only river rafting outfitter based on the Savegre River. Our location allows us freedom enjoy "river time" without worrying about getting back to town. Our company is composed of a team of guides that are locally born and internationally trained. Rafiki will give you and your family a personalized experience of a life time. Whether you want to enjoy watching the shore birds on the side of the river, or want to join the "Saverge Swim Team", we have a journey just for you.

Who can go?

Savegre River Statistics

White water rafting is a great family activity but it does have inherit risks.  Guests that want to participate should be comfortable in water. We set the minimum age limit to 6, but honestly I took my kids rafting when they were 4.  The reaction a person has to being exposed to the rushing water is much more telling than their age. Our ultimate test to see if someone is ready for the river is to see how they feel after going down the water slide for the first time.

The head guide will help you evaluate the "fitness" of your crew. They will then choose the appropriate size boat and the section of river that is suitable for your family. The Savegre is a free flowing river so conditions are always changing. Therefore we evaluate each family to make sure everyone has a safe and fun experience.

Level:    Class II-III   

River Temps:  77-81 ℉ahrenheit, 25-27 ℃elsius 

Float Distance: 8 miles, 13 kilometers

Number of named rapids:  18

Elevation drop:   300ft, 100 meters

Relive 'Savegre Rafting trip'

What you will need...

Rafting shoes

Tevas, Keens, watershoes etc.

long sleeve shirt

Synthetic fabrics keep the sun off and dry off quickly


waterproof is the best!

All aboard!

Our standard* rafting trip starts at the main lodge. The safari truck will drive you through Rafiki's private reserve to start the trip in Rio Blanco where you will have a safety talk and get geared up for adventure.

Warm up... the first 5kms

The first rapids are some of the steepest. In the rainy season it almost feels like it is one rapid! In the dry season, this part is a technical decent. The first stretch is lined with primary forest.  You will see rare birds, mists dancing through the mountains, and find great places to float in between the whitewater. Many of the local rafting companies skip this portion due to the extra effort it takes to get here. We think it is absolutely worth the 4x4 trek and we run this section year round!

 Boca Diablo

Boca Diablo is one of the classic rapids. The rapid has the most vertical descent, and although it shifts from year to year, this section almost always proves to have the biggest splashes.

Soak it all in... The waterfall of Quebrada Arroyo

After Boca Diablo there are several more rapids before arriving to Quebrada Arroyo. You will take a short hike to see an amazing spring fed waterfall. You will get to swim, face paint with clay,  have your family portrait taken, or simply sit in awe under the thundering falls.

Float to finish... enjoy the scenery

The last 5 kilometers have a few nice rapids, but the valley widens and beautiful panoramas unfold. The current slows down allowing for some truly world class lazy river time. When you finally arrive at the truck, it will feel like an eternity since you started up stream... Your arms might be tired, but don't worry Yerlin would happy to give you a massage when you get back to the lodge.

*there are some wilder sections of the Savegre up stream from the lodge. If you are interested in chewing off a little more than the standard class III run, email us for more information.

4x4 Safari truck4x4 Safari Truck going to Rio Blanco

readyReady for adventure

rafting near Manuel AntonioRafting through primary forests

Grilled lunch on the riverGrilled lunch on the river

waWaterfall stop