Our All Inclusive Packages

Choose the Rafiki Package for you!

The Safarito

family fun in Costa Rica resort

2 Nights Lodging
All Meals
1 Activity

The Rafiki Safari

3 Nights Lodging
All Meals
2 Activities


The Super Lekker

6 Nights Lodging
All Meals
5 Activities
All Transportation


The Safarito gives guests a chance to get a feel for Rafiki in just 2 nights. After check-in on day 1, you can enjoy the slide , pool, and solar-heated jacuzzi, go for a hike, or watch the birding before sunset. The host will explain your activity options, departure times, and details at dinner. On day 2 you will have time to soak in the forest before heading off of you adventure. The afternoon is at your leisure. On day 3, check out is at noon, but you can add an activity on if you don’t have to travel too far.

The Rafiki Safari package is our original combination package. This one has the highlights of the lodge with enough time to unwind and still get in plenty of adventure. You will have chance to choose your activities at the dinner table on the first night. Once that is out of the way, you will simply flow through the 3 days without having to worry about a thing! If you can't decide which activities you want to do, you can always upgrade your hiking tour to the Ultimate Safari, that way you get a taste of everything we offer!

The Super Lekker Safari  packs all of the Rafiki adventures into a one week journey. All of the details are covered from when you land in San Jose to when we drop you off again one week later. All of our in house activities are included, as well as the new kayak tour, and the best canopy (zipline) tour in region.  You will see an array of amazing scenery, flora & fauna, while experiencing thrills and learning about the intricacies of the natural world. There will be lots of free time as well; catch up on some sleep, share quality time with your family and, essentially be on vacation!